Stay fit!

Karlie Kloss x Nike

Its that time of the year when all the Christmas and New Year’s parties’ memories are gone but the weight of them is still on you…!

So, it is also that time of the year, when one decides to go to the gym, stay fit, eat well and all those good prospects which normally end by the beginning of March…!

Well, this time I am among the above mentioned people… the fact is that I hate running, I do not like the gym, I’m not so skilled in dancing… Well I have to admit that even if I said I don’t like gym and dancing, I tried the Tracy Anderson’s Method and if she would be here I will be addicted to her training…!… I’m more for outdoor and water sports: I love kitesurfing, stand up paddling, but I also like skiing and play golf,

The problem is that unless you have a lot of free time and you live in a place that is not Genova, you cannot practice these kinds of sports every day, so I opted for the gym, and one of the things that makes me like it a little bit more, is that I can have an excuse to do a little bit more shopping!

Most of my favorite fashion shopping websites now have sections dedicated to sports and it is so easy being cool and fashionable also at the gym!!!

Here a selection of items I would like to have in my gym bag!

Felpa Adidas

 ADIDAS – Stellasport Cotton Sweater

Nike leggins python


NIKE – Epic Luxe snake-print leggings


Falke socks


FALKE – Stretch knit running socks

Nike bra

NIKE – Stretch Jersey cotton bra

T Shirt Stella sport

ADIDAS – Stellasport T-shirt


JAWBONE – UP24 Bluetooth activity tracking band

Nike Jacket

NIKE – Tech Fleece Aeroflot Parka


FRENDS – Layla Headphones

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